Princess Diana’s Jewelry

I have written about Princess Diana‘s jewelry in the past, covering her amazing blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring. Princess Diana has always been known for her excellent taste in jewelry as well as her willingness to experiment with different elements or wear pieces in non-traditional ways. Her collection was one of the most extensive in the world and is believed to had been worth $28 million. Princess Diana favored sapphires and pearls, often incorporating these into chokers which she wore at many public events.  Today I wanted to go over her less famous but equally stunning pieces.

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Watch Repair

One piece that gives you an idea of how unconventional Princess Dia was is her emerald and diamond choker. This choker was given to her by the Queen as part of her wedding dowry. The choker was originally Queen Mary’s and has a classic regal look. Princess Diana created  quite a stir when she wore the choker as a headband at a function during her 1985 Royal Australian tour. Many thought it was wrong for her to wear such an antique and valuable piece in such a careless fashion.

Princess Diana Remembered – Princess Diana tenth anniversary …


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By Annalene

Princess Diana tenth anniversary …

A decade after her death

Princess Diana’s memory is still very much alive in the hearts and minds of so many. Like the death of John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King.

This is how I remember her.

This is the famous tiara worn by Queen Mary who was an Aunt to Queen Elizabeth the second. It was designed by Queen Mary in 1914 and was known as the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara. It was loaned to Diana by the Queen and Diana wore it to various state occasions with matching pearl drop earrings. Queen Mary had the tiara altered in around 1935 when the top row of pearl spikes were removed.

These are the diamond earrings that Diana wore on her wedding day on July 29th 1981 for her marriage to Prince Charles.

They were her mother Frances earrings and she lent them to Diana so she could wear them on her wedding day so they became something borrowed.

This is the Spencer family tiara which legend has it traces back to Marie Antoinette.

It is thought that it was made in 1767 but the style would suggest a time around the 1830’s.

It is decorated with tulip and star shaped flowers and mounted in gold with silver settings.

In historic tradition a family heirloom like this was held within the family and passed on to the next generation via the wife of the eldest son.

Diana often wore the tiara for meetings with heads of state.

This is the emerald and diamond choker from part of Queen Mary’s jewellery collection.

The Queen chose it to give to Diana as Prince Charles’ bride as part of her wedding dowery.

Diana famously wore the tiara as a headband during the Royal tour of Australia in 1985.

Prince Charles later bought Diana an Art Deco emerald and diamond bracelet to match.

One of Diana’s more royal jewelry pieces is the Spencer Family Tiara, given to Diana’s grandmother in 1919 as a wedding gift. This elegant piece is made from gold which is formed into tulips and star-shaped flowers and has diamonds in silver settings. Diana famously wore this tiara during her wedding to Prince Charles.
Princess Diana also was keen on wearing pearl chokers with varying strands of pearls or twisted with the clasp at the front or back. Often she would match these pearl chokers with broaches or large sapphires.
-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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