Oprah’s Favorite Things: The Philip Stein Watch- Watch Sell

Watch Sell

Watch Sell

This year during Oprah’s annual Favorite Things segment, the legendary talk show host featured an exclusive watch from Philip Stein. If your not familiar with Oprah’s Favorite Things list, during this annual segment Oprah shares products with her audience that made an impression on her during the year. These items are typically great gift ideas for the holiday season but on occasion there are a few extravagant items, like this years 2011 Volkswagen Beetle. The biggest draw to this segment is the fact that the audience during the taping of this episode get all the items from the list for free! Thousands of dollars worth of free items tends to get peoples attention. Watch Sell.

This is the third time a Philip Stein watch has been featured on the show. This year the Philip Stein timepiece was created specifically to commemorate Oprah’s 25th anniversary on television. The specifically created watch has a
silver “O” on the dual dial and also features a “2” and “5”.

The Philip Stein watch comes in two forms: one with a fixed diamond bezel with a total carat weight of one carat and one with no diamonds. The retail value is approximately $700 with no diamonds and $2,300 with diamonds.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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  1. December 4th, 2010

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