Panerai Serial Numbers: Preowned Luxury Watches

Preowned Luxury Watches

Preowned Luxury Watches

In the world of preowned luxury watches knowing the year of production is very important.  the year of the watch can have a big impact on its value.  Rolex, for example, has had a complicated serial number dating system dating back until the 40’s.  Depending on the first number or letter you can estimate the year of production.

I was answering questions on my eBay page today and a potential client asked me what year the Panerai watch I had for sale was.  I told them I did not know because I had no idea that Panerai had a similar dating system to Rolex.  On the back of each watch is a letter followed by a set of numbers.  That first letter corresponds to a year.

Here is a list of Panerai serial numbers with its corresponding year:

J: 2007
I: 2006
H: 2005
G: 2004
F: 2003
E: 2002
D: 2001
C: 2000
B: 1999
A: 1998
No Letter: 1997

Usually following the year indicator is a “number/number”.  The first number represents the number of your watch and the second number represents how many of that model they made.  For example, J 200/500 means your watch was the 200th made out of 500 in 2007.

by, Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers

  1. December 6th, 2010

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