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Tigers Eye: Fashionable for Fall- designer jewelry

With November about to start I really begin feeling a bit homesick for the days of growing up in the Northeast.  The changing leaves, hot apple cider, and tables set with sweet potatoes, squash and cranberries.  It is really a time for warm rich colors such as burnt umber, crimson and gold. Fashion loves to follow suit as fabrics get heavier and highly textural.  The gemstone world offers us the perfect compliment, Tigers Eye.

Designer Jewelry

Tigers eye is a semi-precious gem that is a member of the quartz family.  What makes Tigers eye different from other

quartz stones is that its not a transparent stone.  It composed of fibrous strands of silica.  When cut these stones are cut well they display a chatoyancy effect that gives it its “eye”.  Since it is reasonably available it can be cut and carved into larger sizes without worry about price though the finest quality can fetch hundreds of dollars per carat.

Many designers have really jumped on the tigers eye trend.  At the forefront is Roberto Coin.  He in fact has produced an entire collection featuring tigers eye called “Claire de Lune” .  This collection features a very large cut piece of tigers eye carved in a curved shape with diamonds around it set in a wide band of gold.  The piece is truly beautiful. This collection is available and a large discount at Raymond Lee Jewelers.  If you have any questions feel free to stop by and ask me or one of my friendly collegues at Raymond Lee Jewelers.- until next time this is Richard your South Florida Jewelry Guru.

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