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Candy!Candy!Candy!- Zero calories! The kind you wear!-jewelry design

Semiprecious Gems- Jewelry Repair

At our store in Boca Raton we love candy.  In fact we have huge bowls of it all over the store for our clients to enjoy when they come in.  As I look at one of the bowls it hit me each flavor has a colored gem counterpart.  Instead of a bowl of candies flavored with Cherry, Green Apple, Grape, and Blue Raspberry imagine if they were bright red rubies, vivid green peridot, deep amethysts and brilliant blue topaz.  Each one of these stones has their own unique properties making them special.

This year with the economy in a state of uncertainty and the holidays fast approaching why not look to the colored gemstone world for your loved ones gifts.  The colors are intriguing to most everyone and since most everyone can afford them it is a good option for them.  Many designers are known for using color in their repertoire.  Amongst them David Yurman, John Hardy, Judith Ripka and Cartier are a few designers known for their use of color.  Of these designers David Yurman is known for his cable bracelets capped in colored stones.  We have a large selection of David Yurman jewelry at Raymond Lee Jewelers.  Come on in to see us.  Until next time stay fabulous-  Richard your South Florida Jewelry Guru!

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Jewelry Loans This Holiday Season

Jewelry Loans

Jewelry Loans

As October is ending and November is beginning we all start to think about the holidays.  Every year when Thanksgiving comes around we all get excited for the celebrations, spending quality time with family, and of course gifts.   Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa we all need to start thinking about what we are going to buy.

Everyone knows that gift giving and receiving is part of the holidays and can get quite expensive.  We are always scraping together some extra cash for family members to try and satisfy their requests.  This year, why not get jewelry loans in order to pay for all of your gifts?  Jewelry loans offer a great opportunity for you to get cash immediately without selling or giving up any property.  Simply bring your jewelry into Raymond Lee Jewelers.  We will evaluate your piece and offer you an amount of money for it.  Just pay the small interest rate we charge for housing your jewelry and pick up your jewelry at the end of the loan.  Three months should give you enough time to save up money you spent on gifts this holiday season.  Do not go into credit card debt just to buy gifts.  Jewelry loans are a great alternative and don’t ruin your credit.

Here at Raymond Lee Jewelers we make jewelry loans as simple as possible.  We have a standard rate of interest we charge all of our clients to make the negotiations easy.  We offer several ways for making payments such as over the phone, in person, or online.  Jewelry loans make the most sense for those of us who need extra cash this holiday season.

by, Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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