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James Bond Watches Part 3: Gadget Watch- Watch Sell

Watch Sell

Rolex Buzzsaw Watch

Pierce Brosnan’s last film as bond was Die Another Day in 2002, he was well into his late forties and it was decided that a younger actor should portray Bond in the next series of films. The Bond series would spend four years on hiatus and the next film in the series would be a startling departure from the CGI laden and formulaic movies of the past. Casino Royal was released in 2006 with blond haired Daniel Craig portraying James Bond. The new film was more realistic, darker and  featured few gadgets. Craig’s Bond still retained an impeccable sense of style but was more rugged then Bonds of the past.

This new bond needed a watch that was both masculine and elegant, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean model 2900.50.91 was chosen. The Planet Ocean has a diameter of 45.5 mm and was on a sporty black rubber band with a black dial. This was the first time an Omega watch was shown in a Bond film with a black dial, all other Omegas had a blue dial. Later in the film Bond is shown wearing a Coaxial version of Omega Seamaster Professional with a blue dial model 222.80.00. In Quantum of Solace, James Bond only wears a Seamaster Planet Ocean 600 M  model 2201.50.00 with  Coaxial technology, black dial and a stainless steel strap.

Bond’s various watches were not always just a stylish accessory, many watches were issued through Q-Branch and were modified with different gadgets. Here are some of the most notable gadget watches in order of appearance:

-From Russia With Love (1963): The first gadget watch sell to be featured in a film belonged to the villain. This ordinary looking wrist watch with a brown leather strap had a small crown, when pulled, a long steel wire would retract like a tape measure which could be used as a garrote.

-Thunderball (1965): This movie featured a Breitling ‘Top Time’ Diver Chrono with a working Geiger Counter.

-Live and Let Die (19730: A Rolex Submariner had an incredible strong electromagnet that could deflect a bullet. It also had a spinning bezel that could act as a small rotating saw.

-Moonraker (1979): A Seiko m354 Memory Bank Wristwatch that had a removable case back which housed a powerful explosive charge and denotation wire.

-For Your Eyes Only (1981): Seiko H357 Analog Digital Display watch with a built-in satellite phone to receive calls direct from MI6 and the ability to display messages on its digital display.

GoldenEye (1995): Omega Seamaster that had a powerful laser which could cut through welded medal.

The World Is Not Enough (1999): Omega Seamaster with a miniature grappling hook which includes a 50 foot high tensile micro filament, able to support 800 pounds.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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James Bond Watches Part 2: Omega- Watch Sell

Watch Sell

Watch Sell

In the early 1990’s Pierce Brosnan was announced as the new James Bond for the next set of films. The Bond Franchise had been on a six year hiatus and many believed that the series had become an icon of the past. In 1995 GoldenEye was released to great success, Brosnan revitalized the character and demonstrated that Bond could still be relevant even after the fall of the Soviet Union. The new series of films featured the Omega Seamaster Professional Diver Quartz model 2541.80, an elegant full size watch with a  blue dial, blue bezel on a stainless steel bracelet.

In Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), 007 switched to the automatic chronometer version, model 2531.80. In The World Is Not Enough (1999), he again is wearing the model 2531.80. The model of choice continues with the 2531.80 in Die Another Day (2002). These are the only two models that Bond wears in the four films. Pierce Brosnan had a separate contract deal with Omega in which he promoted different models of Omega watches that were not featured in the Bond films.

The departure from Rolex to Omega was not an easy decision. James Bond had become synonymous with the Rolex Submariner and many fans balked at the mere thought of Bond wearing any other brand. The producers of GoldenEye wanted to update Bond’s style and give him a more “Euro” look. Rolex of the past was known for its technical superiority but Rolex of today is known more for its brand recognition. The producers felt Bond would choose a watch that had style but would not attract extra attention or make a statement like the Rolex does currently. Thus the Omega Seamaster was chosen.

Financial reasons also played a part in the decision to change watch sell brands. Rolex is well known for not participating in high-profile co-promotions, instead relying on its superior quality to market the brand. Product marketing deals has become a large part of modern films and Omega was willing to participate and provided products to be involved in co-marketing arrangements.

Stay tuned for part 3.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Tag Heuer Cell Phone: The Meridiist GMT


Preowned Luxury Watches

Tag Heuer Meridiist

In the world of preowned luxury watches it is rare to come across a company who also makes cell phones.  But in this case Tag Heuer is introducing the Meridiist.  It is an exclusive cell phone that is only available in select cities around the country.

It is made from 316L stainless steel making it incredibly durable.  The fact that it is being made by Tag Heuer speaks to its sleek and sport design.  It is the coolest phone I have seen on the market.

The screen, like other preowned luxury watches, is made out of scratch resistant sapphire.  I know because I own a Rolex that a scratch resistant sapphire crystal really does work.  I have worn mine every day for years and have no scratches.  While the screen has a bright 1.9 inch QVGA, the coolest part about the phone is the leather back.  It comes in white, black, or brown leather.  There is even an option for a black rubber back.

As of today the release date is unknown.  According to Tag Heuer’s website you can expect the retail to start at over 4,000 Euro.  While the phone does not have all of the up-to-date technology specs it is a gorgeous conversation starter, and if you can afford it, it is worth it.

by, Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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James Bond Watches Part 1: Rolex- Watch Sell

Watch Sell

Watch Sell

The character James Bond 007 was created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming. A suave and sophisticated secret agent with a penchant for woman, danger and gadgets. James Bond had a classic sense of style that many have come to admire and emulate over the years. Perhaps the most revered aspect of Bond’s style are the watches he wears on his wrist. Many of which Raymond Lee Jewelers has for sale.

The first watch sell to be worn by James Bond on the big screen was the Rolex Submariner 6538A. Worn by Sean Connery in the film Dr. No, this watch would become the signature Bond watch for the next decade and considered by many collectors to be the only true James Bond Submariner. Nine films would put Rolex in the spotlight, with different variations of the Submariner being used throughout filming. The 6200 with its larger winding crown and non-crown guard case is also considered a collectors item.

Sean Connery played the role of James Bond for five films and then George Lazenby took over the role for the sixth film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Sean Connery returned to the role of Bond in Diamonds Are Forever in which Bond had a Submariner Date. Roger Moore who played Bond for the 8th film Live and Let Die (1973) wore a slightly different Rolex, the 5513.

For more then a decade the Rolex would not be featured in a Bond film, instead the secret agent was sporting Seiko digital or digital/analogue hybrids. This move to digitization like many of the trends that swept the 80’s was soon forgotten and hopefully will never be reprised. Bond was back to sporting the beautiful and timeless Submariner in The Living Daylights (1987) and License to Kill (1989).

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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