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Week 6 already!  Wow this season is going by quickly.  Last week was quite possibly one of the craziest weeks I have ever seen in the NFL.  Can you believe Oakland beat San Diego and the Cardinals beat the defending Super Bowl champion Saints?  Only one person in the Sports Watch Weekly Giveaway picked each correctly; and neither had both.  What’s even more surprising is “scottlaw97” had one of the best weeks yet this season going 11-3.  I think there were six or seven upsets last week which made for some ugly picks (including mine).

As we get deeper into the season we start learning a bit more about each team.  You would think it would make for better picks but the NFL is a funny league.  Sometimes the more you think you know about a team actually hurts you.   With so many injuries this year, especially at the quarterback position, it’s hard to pick who will win.

Week 6 looks like an exciting week with two special games that I would like to highlight.  Hopefully Michael Vick will be healthy enough to play for the Eagles this week against his old team the Atlanta Falcons.  He has been recovering from a shoulder injury.  The second game I am calling the “panic button bowl” between two “good” teams who are both 1-3: Cowboys at Vikings.  The loser of that game is going to have an extremely tough time coming back to make the playoffs.

The Philadelphia Eagles are hosting the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday.  Besides the obvious back story of Vick playing against his old team, this game should prove eventful.  The Falcons look like they have emerged as the favorite to win the NFC so far, however, if they falter this weekend, both the Eagles and Falcons will be 4-2.  It should also be noted that the Falcons are lucky to have 4 wins after a missed field goal to win the game by the Saints.  If the Eagles win they will be the favorites.  But I don’t expect the Eagles to win.  They have been extremely inconsistent all year and quarterback changes every week don’t help.  The Falcons have a great running attack that should take advantage of an inexperienced defense.  Falcons win this one on the road.

The “panic button bowl” is an afternoon game that may just play out as the first playoff game of the year.  Of course there are still 10 weeks left but the chances of making the playoffs after starting 1-4 are slim.  In fact, the odds average out to one 1-4 team making the playoffs every five years.  So it is almost safe to say the loser isn’t going far this year.  Interestingly enough, I don’t think either team will make the playoffs.  They both play in very tough divisions and it would take too many good things to come together.  At any rate, I am going to take the Vikings.  I have been saying since the preseason that the Cowboys are overrated and I am going to stick with that prediction.  The Vikings will use Adrian Peterson to control the clock and with another week of practice Randy Moss should be a factor.  Vikings at home.

I hope everyone is still enjoying the pool with no problems.  Remember to try to get your picks in by Saturday at the latest.  You are allowed to make your picks all the way up until Sunday at game time but I think it’s a good idea to leave room for any unforeseen problems.  That way I can call Alan and work on the problem.  Remember to tell everyone you know about the Sports Watch Weekly Giveaway and good luck!  Below are the rest of my picks for week 6.

Falcons at Eagles:  review above
Browns at Steelers:  this is a no-brainer right?
Seahawks at Bears:  Cutler is back and the Seahawks are awful on the road
Lions at Giants:  G-men will win this for 3 in a row
Ravens at Patriots:  Patriots win assuming their offense doesn’t sputter without moss
Chargers at Rams:  The inevitable future return of Vincent Jackson should spark a desperate team on the road
Dolphins at Packers:  I don’t want to pick this game until I know if Aaron Rogers is playing or not
Saints at Buccaneers:  Every year for the last four years the last place team has won the division the next.  I like the trend.
Chiefs at Texans:  I think the Texans are a playoff team.  If so they have to win this at home
Jets at Broncos:  After an emotional MNF win against Favre the Jets will have a letdown in Denver
Raiders at 49ers:  From 0-5 to division champs?  I think so.
Cowboys at Vikings:  review above
Colts at Redskins:  Peyton Manning.  Enough said
Titans at Jaguars:  Jags are much worse than their 3-2 record represents

by, Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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