2010 Fall Watch Trends- Watch Sell

Watch Sell

Blacked-Out Trend

Increasingly men  are staring to view watches as a fashion statement rather than just an instrument of telling time.  A simple brown leather band watch can make a navy blue suit look great or a white watch with a colorful nylon strap can dress up a pair of khakis. Here are some of the falls 2010 most popular watch trends.

The Military Watch: The military watch is based on designs from simple and effective watches created during War World II. These watches were mass produced for pilots and GI s who needed a watch with little to no glare and easy to read dial. Today’s military watches incorporate these qualities and tend to have  matte bezels, rugged nylon or leather straps and simple illuminated dials. Military watches go great with heavy materials such as tweed, flannel or corduroy.

Ceramic Watch: If you want to stand out from the crowd and make your presence known try a ceramic watch this fall. Top luxury watch makers have seen their ceramic watch collections soar as men hope to differentiate themselves in a business world filled with enormous heavy metallic watches. If you are in the market for quality ceramic watch expect to pay close to $1,000, Raymond Lee Jewelers sells pre-owned ceramic watches at deep discounts.

Ultra Modern Watch: Ultra modern watches with unique LED and digital dials are very popular among young professionals. Many of these watches break free from tradition and tell time with dials that only the wearer can interpret. For example one popular watch has bacteria shaped holes on its dial that light up with red, yellow and green LEDs, mimicking  an infection spreading across the dial. Each color represents a unit of time, red equals hours, yellow equals minutes and green equals seconds. Gucci is planning a whole collection based on this trend. Watch Sell

Blacked-Out Watch: These watches are for those looking for a more traditional watch that is both discreet and masculine. Blacked-out watches stray far from the flashy or elaborate timepieces that have become popular over the years. Of all the trends this fall this type of watch is my favorite. Brera Orologi has a great black matte stainless steel watch with rugged crowns for $650 and Breitling has released a blacked-out diving chrono on a rubber strap for $6,785. For those of you who are like me and are looking for something a bit cheaper, Nixon has a limited edition matte black watch with a rich black dial and gray matte markers on a black nylon strap for $120.

Whatever trend you are seeking Raymond Lee Jewelers will have it at a great price.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

Watch Sell
Military Watch Trend

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Watch Sell

Ultra Modern Trend
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