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Buy Sell Diamond

Diamonds can come in many colors, the more popular colors at the moment are yellow and pink diamonds both of which are rare but not quite as rare as a red diamond. There is less then 20 red diamonds known to exist in the world today. One of the finest examples of a red diamond is the Kazanjian Red Diamond, a beautiful 5.05 carat red diamond that was discovered in the 1920s in Litchenburg, South Africa.This extraordinary 5.05-carat stone will be displayed this week at the American Museum of Natural History in the Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems. There are only two other natural red diamonds that are similar in size to the Kazanjian, the trilliant-cut 5.11-carat Moussaieff Red and the 5.03-carat De Young Red.

What makes the Kazanjian stand out against the other two red diamonds is its incredible history. When the Kazanjian was unearthed it was roughly 35 carats uncut. Sent to the firm of the Goudiv brothers for cut and polishing, the Kazanjian was at first thought to be not worth their time. For seven months the master cutter studied the diamond and began to carefully turn a 35 carat rock into a a 5.05 blood red gem.

As time went on the Kazanjian was trust into the middle of War World II, during which the Nazi’s discovered the gem hidden in the Netherlands and it was promptly confiscated and shipped to Germany. The Germans, who misidentified the diamond for a ruby, hid it amongst other gems in a salt mine in Bavaria. As the war was coming to a close the gems were abandoned and forgotten in the ensuing chaos. Later the gems were discovered and the rare red diamond was identified by the diamond merchant Louis Asscher. The Royal Asscher Diamond Company eventually bought the red diamond and then sold it to a privet collector in 1970, buy sell diamond.  For the next thirty-seven years the location of the Kaznjian would go unknown. In 2007 Douglas Kazanjian was surprised to find the red diamond come into his hands and he was able to piece together its amazing history.

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-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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