Florida Jewelry Repair: What is Rhodium?

Florida Jewelry Repair

Florida Jewelry Repair

I just got a call asking if we can change yellow gold jewelry to look like white gold.  The answer of course, as the #1 store for Florida jewelry repair, is yes.  This happens to be one of our most popular jewelry repairs.  We dip the yellow gold in rhodium and it comes out looking like white gold.

Then the customer asked me, “What is rhodium?”  I had no idea.  I knew that it was something that we dipped the gold jewelry in to look like white gold, but what exactly is it?  Is it melted white gold?  Is it platinum?  I realized I had no clue.

In order to find out, I did what any normal 21st century young person would do; I Googled it.  It turns out rhodium, according to Wikipedia it’s a rare, silvery-white metal that is in the platinum family.  Apparently it is one of the rarest precious metals in the world.

Rhodium’s primary use is as a catalytic converter in automobiles, but it is also commonly used in jewelry.  It is electroplated on to gold jewelry to either look like white gold or give white gold or platinum a shiny look.

While rhodium plating a piece of gold jewelry will not last forever, it will last for a few years depending on how and where you wear it.  It is a cheap alternative to buying another piece with the same look.

Rhodium plating your jewelry is a common Florida jewelry repair.  It usually can be done within a few days.

by, Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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