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Buy Sell Diamond

Buy Sell Diamond

Colored diamonds tend to go through waves of popularity, one year pink diamonds may be in fashion and prices will go up and the next year brown diamonds will be the next must have item. Yellow diamonds or canary diamonds on the other hand have enjoyed a long lasting appeal with consumers. The incredibly rare canary diamonds range in color from dark to light yellow. Another factor that adds to their rarity is that canary diamonds tend to be found in natural environments and almost never found in common diamond mines. The most valuable and brightly colored diamonds have been found in South Africa.

All diamonds have natural impurities, the largest of which is nitrogen atoms. If these atoms are in pairs they have no affect on a diamonds color and you will have a regular white diamond. If these nitrogen atoms are in large even-numbered aggregates they impart a brown tint. In the case of yellow diamonds, the nitrogen atoms are dispersed throughout the crystal in isolated sites. This composition of nitrogen atoms is incredibly rare and only one in 10,000 diamond found in the world is a yellow diamond. These factors along with the general popularity of this type of colored diamond is the reason they are considered so valuable.

Like all diamonds, yellow diamonds are assigned value based on the four C’s: cut, carat weight, clarity and color. Canary diamonds are also graded on their evenness of their color, how much saturation of color is present and the undertones of the color. Faceting can make the color appear brighter and thus sparkle more which in turn highers the value of the diamond.

Raymond Lee Jewelers takes pride in the fact that we sell high quality colored diamonds at prices national jewelery stores can’t compete with. Make sure you are not paying more for a diamond just because of the name found on the shopping bag. We buy sell diamond.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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