Sports Watch Weekly Giveaway: Contest Information

Sports Watch Weekly Giveaway

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***Just a reminder, the “Sports Watch Weekly Giveaway” is now open to the public.  You DO NOT have to sign up in person; you can sign up online here.***

What is it?
The “Sports Watch Weekly Giveaway” is a free contest hosted by Raymond Lee Jewelers for football fanatics and jewelry and watch connoisseurs.  It is a weekly pick’em contest for NFL games.  Every week for the 17 game football season Raymond Lee Jewelers is giving you the chance to win a Tag Heuer sports watch; FOR FREE!  Again there is no entry fee and the retail value of the Tag Heuer sports watch is almost $1,000.

How it works?
The pool is run on  If you are familiar with a “pick’em” league then you already know how it works, although we have a few tweaks.  For those who don’t know, here are the rules:  Every week you must pick who you think will win each game that week.  There are anywhere from 12-16 games per week.  You get 1 point for every game you pick correctly and 20 points if you pick the Monday Night Football game correctly.  In order to be eligible to win the Tag Heuer you have to pick the MNF game right.  For example, in week 1, bus driver won with 48 points.  There were two MNF games in the first week and she picked both correctly adding up to 40 points.  She also picked 8 other games correctly totaling 48 points.  So, whoever has the most points each week, plus picks the MNF game correctly, wins a Tag Heuer.

At the end of the season we are giving away a Rolex to the person with the highest point total for the whole season!

What is the entry fee?  How do I sign up?
There is none!  It is absolutely free!  You do not even need to come in to the store to register.  You can register right here.  Just click the join tab, enter a few details about yourself, and you are free to participate.

Good luck to everyone participating and hopefully we’ll see you soon to pick up your prize!

by, Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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