Raymond Weil Repair

Raymond Weil Repair

Raymond Weil Repair

Raymond Weil repair should be done every few years in order to keep your watch running properly.  Luxury Swiss watches need maintenance from time to time to keep them running up to factory standards.  Like any expensive purchase, there are costs for upkeep.  Cars need an oil change every so often, houses need landscaping, and boats need cleaning and maintenance.  Your luxury was is no different.

Depending on the model you have, your watch is either automatic, manual wind, or quartz.  All three need maintenance every few years.

In a perfect world a quartz watch with a charged battery should run and keep accurate time forever.  This is rarely the case.  Depending on where you live or where you work, you may be exposing your watch to different environments.  Extreme heat or extreme cold will affect the watch negatively.  Wearing it in water more often than normal can also cause damage to the watch and its movement.  When you notice your Raymond Weil not working properly, a Raymond Weil watch repair is necessary.

Automatic and manual wind watches tend to lose or gain time more often than quartz watches.  There are so many tiny and complicated gears and moving parts that make it virtually impossible to keep exact time.  A few seconds lost or gained in a given day is normal.  However, if you notice minutes or even hours gained or lost in one day, this is abnormal.  It could be caused due to rusty gears or non lubricated parts.  It is important to service your watch every few years with a basic cleaning of the movement.  Once a watch starts losing time to this degree a more complicated repair may be necessary, like a complete overhaul.

Make sure to keep an eye on your Raymond Weil to see if it is keeping correct time.  If you maintain your watch every couple of years you will have a long lasting time piece.

by, Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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