Cartier Love Bangle Love Bracelet Sizes

Cartier Love Bangle Love Bracelet Sizes

Cartier Love Bangle

In 1969 Aldo Cipullo invented the “Love” bracelet for Cartier.  The story behind the Cartier love bangle has to do with its security.  Normal bangles  are wide enough to put on your wrist without opening it.  The Cartier Love bangle does not open without a screwdriver.  Every Love bracelet sold from Cartier comes with its own screwdriver. Jewelry repair is not necessary for a lost screwdriver as any flat head will do.

Sizes for the Love bracelet range from 16 to 21 which represent the inner circumference in centimeters.

Below is a reference chart for Cartier Love Bangle Love Bracelet Sizes:

Size 16 = 16cm (6.3 Inches)
Size 17 = 17cm (6.7 Inches)
Size 18 = 18cm (7.1 Inches)
Size 19 = 19cm (7.5 Inches)
Size 20 = 20cm (7.9 Inches)
Size 21 = 21cm (8.3 Inches)

Cartier Love Bangles remain one of the most popular selling Cartier items.  Famous people including Larry King, Lindsay Lohan, and Elton John have been known to wear these beautiful bracelets.

by, Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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