Jewelry Stores Open on Sunday

A couple weeks ago the employees at Raymond Lee Jewelers were brainstorming different ways to drive more customers to our store. The usual suggestions came up such as, “let’s put another ad in the paper” or “make another commercial”, but these were too ordinary. Raymond Lee Jewelers has plenty of ads on TV and in the paper so what will one more do? Any great business is always looking to reach as many customers as possible and we are no different; but how? Well, we found one. Today, May 23rd 2010 is the first Sunday we are open in the 27 year history of Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Boca Raton <a href="">Jewelry Store</a>We researched and found out that few jewelry stores are open on Sundays. It is actually pretty rare to find one, not in a mall, open on Sunday. Sunday will be a great opportunity for us to reach those customers who are busy during the week. Whether they want to buy a pre-owned luxury watch or sell some scrap gold we will be here to help them.

Being open on Sundays will not only help our store grow its business but it is also convenient for our customers. Most everyone who works does so Monday through Friday or even Saturday and have Sunday off to relax and catch up on the week. Sunday is also the day most couples have off together. What better time is there to shop for a new piece of jewelry? There is no rush to get back to the office on your lunch break, and no rush at work to make it here before we close at 6. Customers who usually have to leave their repairs for weeks because they are too busy during the week can pick them up sooner.

Overall, this will be a great venture for Raymond Lee Jewelers. From the customers to the business it will be beneficial to be open one more day per week.

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