Loan Using Rolex

Raymond Lee Jewelers established in 1983, has become the fastest growing Rolex lender in the country. We help clients that are looking for loans using Rolex watches or other luxury watch brands. Our process using Rolex as collateral is simple. Our lenders evaluate the Rolex you want to use for the loan. We then give you a value for the Rolex as a loan. Assuming you are happy with the Rolex loan amount, our lenders will cut you a check on the spot. Rolex loans as well as other luxury watch loans can be paid by company check or wire transfer. All Rolex watches that are on loan at our facility are kept in a vault in your own personal safety deposit box. Rolex loan payments must be made on a monthly basis. Our Rolex loan term is for up to 90 days. Rolex loan’s are renewable at the end of the 90 days for up to another 90 days. This can be done as many times as you need. Raymond Lee Jewelers will accept many luxury watch brands as collateral for a loan. Please inquire for additional information.

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