Repairing Dents and Dings In Gold Watches

Rolex Stainless Steel Daytona
Image by s.yume via Flickr

Have you dented your gold watch? Over time Rolex watches and many other brand name gold watches can get dented and dinged up on the case and bracelet. Most people who have owned a Rolex Presidential since the 1970’s or 1980’s have a dented bracelet and case. The bracelets are usually worse than the cases because the bracelets are hollow. The bracelets on Presidential models are no longer hollow. With dents and dings your watch can appear totally beat. There used to be no good solution for this. Until now, Raymond Lee Jewelers employs the latest laser technology. Using our laser welder we can repair dents and dings and make your watch look new again. Don’t let a jeweler repair your 18kt watch by hand. Use a jeweler that has a laser welder. Our jeweler has been trained in repairing watches with dents and dings. We only perform this service on gold watches, not stainless steel. We can repair that 18kt part of links in a two-tone watch. Make your watch look new again.

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