Ebel Watch Repair

Ebel watch repair should be trusted only to a CW21 watchmaker. At Raymond Lee Jewelers we have on staff a CW21 watchmaker. Sure, you can walk into a jewelry and get a new battery in your Ebel for 2 bucks. Ever wonder what they are doing for 2 bucks? They pop the back off with a knife, remove the battery, replace it and pop the case back on. This could work for you and it could work forever.

What happens if you go swim with your watch or take a shower, better yet get caught in a rain storm? Your Ebel could fill up with water or get condensation under the crystal. This could potentially completely ruin your watch. Ebel watches are expensive. Is it really worth wrecking your watch to save a few bucks getting a cheap while you wait battery job?

When you bring your Ebel watch or other luxury watch to Raymond Lee Jewelers our factory trained watchmaker performs a factory style job. After the battery has been replaced, the case back gasket is replaced to maintain the water resistance of your timepiece. When the job is complete your watch is put on our Witschi Proofmaster M, which test for leaks. This will make sure your watch remains water-resistant.

Raymond Lee Jewelers also offers a full quartz watch service and replacement on site. All work at Raymond Lee Jewelers is done on premises. Please call 561-750-7808 or visit Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton. 22191 Powerline rd.  in Boca Raton.

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