Watch Repair

Watch repair and watch restoration is a science. Not everyone is capable of doing a perfect job of restoring your complicated timepiece. Raymond Lee Jewelers employs a master watchmaker with the highest credentials, the cw21. Our on site watch repair department has the latest tools and equipment. All of our on site watch repair equipment is required by all luxury swiss companies. Raymond Lee Jewelers watch cleaning machine the  Greiner Vibrograf ACS 900 is the best of its kind. All certified watch repair shops should have this machine. Our watch timing machine is the Witschi Chronoscope M1, which is the best watch timing machine on the market. Our Witschi Proofmaster M makes sure your watch continues to be water-resistant. All of this equipment and more is required to have parts accounts with all swiss made watch companies. Trust you watch repairs to Raymond Lee Jewelers. Our watch repair is the best in the country. All watch repairs and restorations come with a one year warranty.

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