Patek Philippe Service Boca Raton

Patek Philippe service is a complicated, time-consuming project. Don’t trust Patek Philippe service to just anyone. Raymond Lee Jewelers has all the latest equipment to work on Patek Philippe watches in Boca Raton. Do you have a Patek Philippe 5036 that is loosing or gaining time? Is it not running at all? Raymond Lee Jewelers can repair you Patek Philippe and repair it on premises. Don’t send your Patek Philippe back to the factory. You will be without your Patek Philippe for a very long time. Bring you Complicated high-end timepieces to Raymond Lee Jewelers for service. All work guaranteed for a year. All work done on premises.  Raymond Lee Jewelers is located on the southwest corner of Palmetto Park and Powerline rd. in Palms Plaza where the Olive Garden restaurant Boca Raton , Dorjon Boca Raton , Party City Boca Raton , The Kosher Market Place and many more stores are located. Raymond Lee Jewelers address is 22191 Powerline rd. suite 12b, Boca Raton, Florida 33433. 561-750-7808.

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